Secure Site Information

Your security is our priority!

It's statistically safer to use your credit card over the internet than it is to use it in
a restaurant or department store.  Just remember you're handing your
credit card to a complete stranger at a restaurant, who then takes it and reappears
sometime later with your card & the receipt.  It's so easy to take your name,
number & expiration date and use that information later for whatever purpose.

We at care about your security!
Because we care about the safety of your credit card transaction,
our servers also use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL),
an encryption technology that works with Netscape Navigator
(versions 4.0 and above), Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.0
and above), and AOL (AOL 5.0 and above) so that unauthorized parties
cannot read the information that you send.

When your order is shipped, your credit card information is
permanently removed from our system.

Federal law limits your liability for unauthorized credit card
usage to $50.  Should unauthorized use of your credit card occur
as a result of your credit card purchase with,
simply notify your credit card provider in accordance with its' reporting
rules and procedures.