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The Secondary Art Market explained below:
  • A piece of artwork is considered to be on the secondary art market when it's sold out at the Publisher.

  • The Publisher is the company or individual artist who initially issued the artwork.

  • Art Galleries, Art Brokers and Private Collectors make up the bulk of the secondary market. 

  • The price for a secondary art piece is a direct reflection of the supply and demand for the piece.|

  • Today's Art Dealer has numerous sources to draw from when searching for sold out prints,
    both by phone or through the computer.

  • When purchasing a secondary art market print, decide first if this is for an investment or for personal enjoyment.  Secondary market prices are based on market activity.

  • The piece of artwork should be in good condition, however, the piece is not considered "brand new" & may show signs of wear.  The piece can be considered in "new condition", but since it has been previously owned, it cannot be classified as "brand new".  Pristine or Mint would be a better description.

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