Chris Hopkins - Christian Artist
In a complex society like America, the paintings of artist Chris Hopkins are known for their ability to reflect, as well as influence, the world around him.
Chris's talents have been eagerly sought to commemorate, portray, advertise or immortalize the people and events of our age. His work is in collections at the Library of Congress, the White House and NFL properties; from the Super Bowl to the Persian Gulf War, his paintings have been commissioned to depict the heroic ordeals that define American culture.
Chris was the official theme artist for the Operation Desert Storm National Homecoming Celebration in 1992, followed in 1993 by a Special Edition painting to honor those who served in Vietnam. His ongoing contributions to the world of sports date back to 1978, and he has produced theme art for three Super Bowls, paintings for the NFL's Silver and 75th Anniversary exhibitions, and numerous team and celebrity portraits. He hopes that the paintings that come from his heart, given to him by the Lord, will touch and encourage people the most. Forever Faithful depicts a family's triumphant faith in spite of any odds.
Chris works from his private studio in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest, where he resides with his wife Jan (a natural materials artist) and their two children, Mariko and Justin.

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Helping Hand

The Embrace