Robert Shaw - Duck Decoy Artwork

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Bachman Merganser Decoy
Bachman Merganser
Caines Mallard Decoy
Caines Mallard
Charles Birch Swan Decoy
Charles Birch Swan
Cobb Brant Decoy
Cobb Brant Decoy
Cocky Swan Decoy
Cockey Swan
Dawson Merganser 2 Decoy
Dawson Merganser 2 Decoy
Gelston Whimbrel Decoy
Gelston Whimbrel
Holmes RB Merganser Decoy
Holmes RB Merganser 
Ira Hudson Hooded Merganser Decoy
Ira Hudson Hooded Merganser
Janson Pintails Decoy
Janson Pintails
Laing Black Decoy
Laing Black
Laing Swan Decoy
Laing Swan Decoy
Lincoln Wood Duck Decoy
Lincoln Wood Duck
Long Island Terns Decoy
Long Island Terns
Nantucket Eskimo Curlews Decoy
Nantucket Eskimo Curlews
NC Canvas Swan Decoy
NC Canvas Swan
Phillips Rig Decoy
Phillips Rig
Rogers Rig Turnstone Decoy
Rogers Rig Turnstone
Safford Right Profile Decoy
Safford Right Profile
Shourds Long Tailed Duck Decoy
Shourds Long Tailed Duck
Stevens Blue Winged Teal Decoy
Stevens Blue Winged Teal
Stevens Pintail Pair Decoys
Stevens Pintail Pair 
Verity Shorebird Trio Decoys
Verity Shorebird Trio
Ward Wigeon Decoy
Ward Wigeon
Wilson Merganser Decoy
Wilson Merganser