Philadelphia Derringer Non-Firing Replica

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Philadelphia Derringer Non-Firing Replica

This Baby Philadelphia Derringer measures only 6.5" and is similar to the piece that John Wilkes Booth used to assasinate President Lincoln in Ford's Theater in 1865. It was a favorite hideaway percussion pistol of gamblers and card sharks, easily concealed in a coat or boot for use if the game turned sour.      

Stunningly decorative, classically handsome, and fascinatingly the same weight and size as an original.
You can cock it, spin it, and pull it, but these replicas cannot fire real or blank ammunition.
All non-firing weapons, for display purposes only.
Accentuate your civil war collection by adding realistic replicas.

Sold Fully Assembled - Ready for Display

Philadelphia Derringer Non-Firing Replica
Overall Length:  6.5"   Weight 1 lb.
Price:  $ 45.00
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