Empty deck chairs face outward to a tranquil ocean...a field of October pumpkins await their fate in afternoon shadows...a weathered door is open just enough to show the darkness that lies inside...images that evoke powerful emotions.  the power is not in the objects themselves, but in the play of light and shadow on commonplace objects captured by Howard J. Eberle.

Eberle works primarily in watercolor.  In his paintings, ordinary objects have extraordinary beauty; it is the simplicity of such things that draws his attention, says Eberle, "I am constantly drawn to paint what I see everyday.   My challenge is to dramatize these objects, and lift them out of the ordinary."  He achieves that goal with dramatic composition that incorporates the use of negative space & strong shadows.

Eberle's long resume includes membership in the American Watercolor Society, the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, the Philadelphia Watercolor Society, the Harrisburg Art Association, and the Rehoboth Art League.  His work has been a part of numerous prestigious exhibitions, including at the State Museum of Pennsylvania, which owns two of his original works.  He has won numberous awards, including the 2000 High Winds Medal from the American Watercolor Society for "Eyes of Autumn," a starkly graphic image of an autumn moon shining down on a scarecrow that has human eyes in its sackcloth head.

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Lone Star Blue